Audio Analytics built for Law Enforcement 

The only body-worn camera analytics platform that understands public safety while protecting privacy.

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The Problem

Young officers across the nation lack the training and coaching resources to be successful

Random review wastes supervisor time and fails to surface any positive interactions

Departments have no way to quantify good policing besides the lack of negative events


The TRULEO Solution

Help police unions maintain hiring standards with a benchmark of professionalism

Surface positive moments for departments to tell their story

Make supervisors more productive when analyzing body-worn camera

Tell your department's story with curated video content

Truleo analyzes and automatically categorizes body camera videos that enable departments to highlight positive officer interactions.


De-escalation attempts


Community gratitude


Upset person


High composure

How it works

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Responsible transcription 
Truleo's Responsible Transcription automatically redacts personal identifiable information and separates officer speech. 

Cutting-edge Natural Language Processing  
A department's internal team reviews highly professional clips for potential highlight reels.

Truleo detects. Human confirms.  
Sometimes, context really matters. Any events that require a second set of eyes are surfaced to supevisors to confirm what actually happened.

CJIS compliant  
Truleo's software is deployed within a CJIS-compliant AWS GovCloud environment. Videos stay within a department's evidence management platform.

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