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Showcasing Law Enforcement Professionalism

07.08.2024 | GREG SHEEHAN

Traditional law enforcement recruitment campaigns often rely on static images or action-packed scenes which do not effectively convey the professionalism or the complexities....


Enhancing the Candidate Identification and Selection Process:

Body-Worn Camera Data Analytics in Law Enforcement Promotions and Specialized Assignments

06.14.2024 | GREG SHEEHAN

Law enforcement is facing an increasingly complex set of challenges as a profession, so identifying and selecting the right candidates for leadership roles and specialized...


Competitive Advantage in Recruitment and Retention

05.13.2024 | GREG SHEEHAN

Law enforcement as a profession is at a crossroads as more officers are leaving the field through resignation or retirement. With fewer qualified and interested candidates than ever before, law enforcement ...


Elevating Job Satisfaction and Performance in Law Enforcement

04.29.2024 | GREG SHEEHAN

Public safety leaders must help law enforcement officers improve their job satisfaction and performance if they want to stay competitive and retain their most professional employees...


Leveraging Body-Worn Camera Video for More Effective Law Enforcement Training

04.15.2024 | GREG SHEEHAN

With the rapid expansion of body-worn camera (BWC) deployments over the last ten years, training programs have a powerful and frequently unutilized asset at their disposal...