For Elected Officials

Tell the TRU story of Law enforcement in your community

For elected officials

Objective, unbiased, consistent analysis of citizen interactions with law enforcement

TruData helps quantify good policing and ties it to outcomes in your community

Virtual FTO

Virtual Field Training Officer (FTO) verifies new officer professionalism and provides TRU data to FTOs to instruct their trainees during the Field Training Program.


Virtual PIO

Virtual Public Information Officer (PIO) quickly identifies and produces BWC video clips for internal morale boosts and external public education. Share the stories of your department without having to search through thousands of hours of data.

Responsible Transcription that Protects Civilian Privacy

“The ability to measure a police officer’s level of professionalism and readiness to de-escalate should be required risk management for every Chief of Police.”

"From command staff to front-line supervisors to the officers on the front line. They all bought into the mission and leveraged BWC analytics as a coaching tool to help us create better outcomes with our community."

Interaction-focused transcription  

Truleo’s transcription model focuses only on the conversation between an officer and the individuals they are interacting with. All other conversations are ignored by our speech transcription model.

Officer ID  Layer_1  

Truleo uses a voice ID of the officer wearing a camera to separate their speech from other speakers (other officers and civilians). Truleo only identifies the officer wearing the camera and anonymizes all other speakers.


Truleo can automatically redact personal identifiable information (PII) within officers’ speech to protect civilian privacy. This includes names, addresses, license plates, drivers license numbers, and so on.

Conflict-Free Government Purchasing

TRULEO enables independent, conflict-free government purchasing. We will never sell body-worn cameras or video storage services so that your department and city can ensure the highest public confidence in your video review program integrity.

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